Questions and answers

Who teaches at your courses?

Training is carried out by qualified teachers who have extensive practical experience of work, using author's methodological developments.

How well is your Training Center equipped with necessary equipment?

Training in the Training Center is conducted in classes equipped with modern multimedia equipment, the latest visual aids, modern high-performance computers. Listeners are given methodical materials.

How can I enroll in a course?

You can sign up for the course from the site at any time convenient for you. The administrator will contact you. You can also register for the courses by calling the number listed on the Contacts page by contacting the center that conducts the course you are interested in. You can send an e-mail request or register for a course at the training center office.

How is tuition paid?

Students who pay for themselves, after signing a contract, can make a payment at the Training Center. For payment by bank transfer, it is necessary to send an application to the address of the Training Center on the official letterhead of the organization indicating the training program, the desired terms of training, full name and position of the trainees, payer details. On the basis of the application, a contract and an account are drawn up.

Where can I get your requisites?

You can get the requisites of the Training Center of the Ministry of Finance of the Kyrgyz Republic by clicking on the link Requisites.

What documents will I receive after completing the training?

Certificate of completion of the training, the contract and the original receipt of payment for training.

How can I call you?

You can always contact us by phone: +996 (312) 62-53-13, доб. 5010; +996 (312) 66-15-97

What is your fax number?

Faxes are accepted by the number: 996 312 625 852

I still have questions.

If you want to ask additional questions, do not hesitate to write us by e-mail at or call +996 (312) 62-53-13, доб. 5010; +996 (312) 66-15-97